Transform your pastoral ministry with the best church management tool nationwide. Managing your congregation has never been easier. Open a free account today and enjoy church in a new way.

Manage Finances

Don't loose track of all your church expenses, givings, tithes, dues, welfares, contributions, donations, firstfruits and all general offerings. With this tool, generating financial reports just got better.

Manage Membership

Keep accurate track of your membership the best, easiest and fastest way with Church Monitor tool. This great tool helps you manage both full members and visitors in your church and provide you the access to collate very detailed information of each member for database storage. Generate good membership report and track their various offerings and seeds.

Manage Home Cell Systems

Boost the speed and consistency of your church growth systems by managing your home cells and households with Church Monitor. Part with management frustrations because, clearly monitoring activities and growth of all your home cells just got easier using this tool.

Manage Departments

Church monitor Tool spreads its dynamic influence down to your departmental leaders to help them work better by taking advantage of this management platform to keep your departmental functionality at its peak!

Automatic Birthday Reminders

Don't beat up yourself anymore for loosing track on birthdays as your membership size grows! With Church Monitor Tool, birthdays of all your members and leaders are automatically monitored with timely birthday sms messages delivered in your stead. You even get a personal notification showing you who the celebrant is with details like their current age and contact number so you can give them a call and bless their day.

Manage Instant & Schedule SMS

SMS solutions and constant communication with all your members, departments, cell groups, ministries & leaders has never been easier!
Let Church Monitor Tool deliver all your messages in the 1000s to these target groups by just the click of a mouse. This great tool also allows you schedule your messages to be delivered at a later date and time!

Manage Reports & Statistics

Get the right and accurate witness now! Let Church Monitor be a witness to your church activities and growth rates by generating monthly and yearly reports, and statistics to accurately show the growth and changes in membership, finances and more...

Manage Programs & Services

Build a stream of church services and a coherent flow of programs, events, tasks and projects in daily, weekly, monthly, through to yearly modules for your church using this tool. Just signup and enjoy this overwhelming feel of church programs and service management today!

Manage Church Leaderships

To lead your church leaders well, one has to manage them more effectively. Get for yourself that effective leadership edge by managing your pastors, deacons, elders, departmental and home cell heads etc using CHURCH MONITOR NOW!

Manage Photo Gallery

Keep that memorable, inspiring and life touching moments of your church alive with Church Monitor Photo Gallery. This tool allows you to upload and manage photos of services, events, projects and special programs to keep the spirit sensational timelines of your ministry ALIVE!

Multiple User Access

Feel free to create multiple church monitor accounts with varried user privillages from your main Church Monitor account for your pastors, departmental heads and home home cell leaders to spread wide the management capacity of the Church Monitor Tool.

Customized Sender IDs

Church Monitor tool gives you the liberty you need to customized the Sender ID of every SMS sent from your account. Enjoy the free use of your name or ministry name for all messages dispatched from your domain using Church Monitor Tool NOW!

Data Security

We will never sell, rent, lease or provide your Data to any third party for any purpose beyond the provision of the Service or other uses reasonably necessary or contemplated under our terms of agreement or other use or disclosure policies of Church Monitor. We use bank-grade SSL encryption to secure your Data from unauthorized access, and have taken reasonable industry standard steps to ensure your Data is secure

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